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For Those Struggling to Stop Drinking : Overriding your survival instincts or Walking through the Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

Most of us are addicted to alcohol on some level when we decide to stop drinking. We may not be physically dependent but we are most likely neurologically addicted. If you drink routinely at a similar time under similar circumstances, your brain will learn that it needs alcohol in those situations. That could be every

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Watching the Witch

Would moderate drinkingaffect my thinking ?Affect my lifein a way that’s adverse?Really?but wouldn’t it be betternot worse Than regular binge drinking? I know what you’re thinking And I reckon you’re right That even a little,even a slight bit of alcohol Isn’t really alright  It’s a drug after all It could eventuallycause me to fall  It could open the door For the Wine Witch

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Precious Freedom

I never believed I could do this My brain would overthink The need to always know Who’d be providing my next drink  How did others know how to behave? When my mind would constantly crave  The lies that alcohol fedI realised were all in my head For sobriety actually brought An end to the battles I’d fought  For twenty or

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