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How to NOT open a Bottle at Wine o’Clock

Did you know that women are more susceptible to alcohol addiction than men? All of the cutesy Wine o’Clock, Mommy’s Juice, memes that pop up on social media stop being so cute when you read that since 2000, among women in particular, high-risk drinking has increased 60 percent while alcohol use disorder or what is traditionally

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Dry July 2020 – There Has Never Been a Better Time to Take a Break From the Booze

Woman drinking Water Dry July 2020 Boom Rethink the Drink

Why Dry July? Everywhere you look lately there seems to be a good reason to pour a drink or two. During this extraordinary international health crisis, people are justifying lifting a glass at every opportunity. With alcohol deemed essential during the Covid lockdown, it is decidedly un-cool to step back and say “No Thank You

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Blowing Away the Illusion of the Need for Alcohol

Wine Glass with Dandelion Fluff Have you Had Enough Drinking Alcohol

Have you had enough? Do you feel like you need to drink or want to drink but have had enough hungover mornings? Enough anxiety? Enough groundhog days and groundhog nights? Enough alcohol? When was “enough” finally enough for me? Regretfully far too many years were wasted when I already knew the answer to the question

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