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How to Stop Drinking Away the Pain-

I spent a long time not wanting to drink and found myself drinking anyway.  Sometimes it was a learned response to my body’s signals for something else like hunger or thirst. Sometimes I drank to numb emotional pain. If you spell the acronym HALT – hungry, angry, lonely, tired- those are the triggers that set off

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Just One Last Drink …

NumbnessCould’t care lessDon’t want to dressSpeak or BeIn my skin Don’t want to go withinDon’t want to go outNot answering callsToo busy screaming outfor helpOn my own.Where nobody will hear me;I scream at myselfI was a kid once.. It seems like nothings is real.Blank face tears behind eyes can’t take it all in.Raw.As grated skin,Nothing works.I don’t

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The Risks of Sobriety

Risks of sobriety-I might fail.People might judge me.I might find it really hard sometimes (especially in the beginning).I might eat loads and put on weight.I might be missing out on the fun.I might not like my sober self. There are lots of common concerns that help us to talk ourselves out of committing to getting

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