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My Precious Sobriety – Taming my Raging Inner Child

Child with wild flowers- My prcious soberiety and learning to love my inner child

Taking care of yourself in the first year of sobriety is so important and part of that self-care is about taking care of the child inside you. The stroppy inner child that has learned to demand a drink when things are rough or boring will challenge you at every turn and it’s good to know

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Chose to Live and Chose to Give – The Key to Sober Serenity this Holiday Season

Chose to Live - Chose to Give: Sober Serenity this Holiday Season

The hardest time of year to stay sober for people who have recently stopped drinking alcohol is the Holiday season. In my first sober December I felt constantly reminded of my not drinking. Everyone seemed to be drinking all the time during the Holiday season and everywhere I looked alcohol was being celebrated. Christmas Cheer!

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