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Sunday Morning Calm- Loving Presence

I feel that I am slowly adjusting to the reality of the commitment I have made to myself to remain alcohol-free, and I have to say that it feels so right and good. I like myself a lot better. I have never been an out of control, hitting rock-bottom drinker. My friends are a little

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I Choose Life, This hour, This minute, This day

dawn, in the context of not drinking

The sunrise was beautiful this morning. The air was crisp and fresh. In the moment that I was walking, in the hour, on this day, I realized again that the choice I made just two and a half years ago, the choice to put down the wine glass, to think for myself, to fight for

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The Edge

I have stood at the precipice and looked down, tottering on the edge,vertigo gripping my mind. Strangely,the fall is inviting.A momentary abandonment to flight. The exhilaration of soaringbut for a brief timebefore an abrupt ending. It is not the fall that kills youbut the landing. It is a frivolous and foolish thought.I have no wings

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