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Finding Something You Love More Than Alcohol – Follow Your Bliss

Woman on Beach Find something that you love more than alcohol

I love success stories, don’t you? Well this isn’t one of them.  I’m reporting in on how my 40-in-40 (40 classes in 40 days) Self Yoga Challenge is going: this photo of my coffee mug pretty much says it all. It only took a few days before Life overcame my best intentions and things fell

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Inspired by the Radical Magic of Living Life Alcohol-Free

"We are the Luckiest" "Quit Like a Woman" Inspired by the Radical Magic of Living Life Alcohol-Free

At the beginning of 2020 (which feels like several years ago, right?) I agreed to review the newly published books by Holly Whitaker and Laura McKowen for my online community BOOM Rethink the Drink and this Boozemusings Blog. Both of these books will appeal strongly to women, but I know lots of dudes who have

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Discovery in Recovery – The Only Way Out is Through

woman in sunflowers the discovery in recovery

When you stop drinking or go sober, it is so common to feel overwhelmed, a little lost, scared, or even disheartened. Metomorphosis? Sober Journey? Recovery? “I’m not sure I’ll ever get there.” That’s exactly what the caterpillar must be thinking as its solid body is dissolving into liquid inside the cocoon—that and “I’m dying in

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