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Becoming My Future Self – the Discovery in Recovery

“No matter how old you are, you can create an incredible life ahead of you by living from your future, imagination, possibility, and inspiration.”  –Brooke Castillo Future Self: Cracking the Transformation Code One of the first things Holly Whitaker did in Hip Sobriety School (now Tempest) was to take us on a guided meditation where we

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Apps We Love for Tracking Life Goals and Sobriety Goals

Sobriety apps that work

I’m a streakin! I had a Big breakthrough yesterday in the wee hours of the morning when I found a habit-tracking app called STREAKS. It tracks up to 12 habits you want to form (or stop like drinking) in a simple icon format that takes seconds. For several weeks now, I have been intending to

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Moderation? Not for Me

I applaud any efforts to see and do something about a drinking habit that’s headed off the rails, no matter what steps are taken. And I completely understand clinging to the thought of cutting back or moderating. Diving headfirst into a lifetime of sobriety can feel far too overwhelming, even terrifying. Never, ever? Not even

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