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  • 18 Months Sober: Fulfilling the Promise of Hope

    My sponsor sent me a picture yesterday of someone opening a wine bottle in the hatchback of their SUV at 11 o’clock in the morning.  She commented she was glad that was not her anymore.  I agreed but said I would’ve at least waited until I got inside the car.  Which was kind of dark […]

  • How I Did 5 years Alcohol-Free

    I’ve avoided all booze since 2014. That’s 5 years alcohol-free. But the first thing to say is there is no -5 years- That number is just an abstract idea. There is only yesterday (when I didn’t drink, hooray) and today (when I’m not going to drink whatever happens.)  This way of thinking has worked out […]

  • Beginning of Month Two Sober

    Edgy Edgy Edgy Edgy Edgy Ok ….spending three of my first 4 sober weeks on a work trip to Paris made things really really easy. I’ve been home for a week now and am suddenly crawling out of my skin. So I’ve done all of my Saturday Jobs and now I’m gonna go melt in […]

  • Day 65 – Being rather than Doing.

    It’s a fascinating thing this Alcohol Free journey. Well two of my clients haven’t showed up today, so I am interpreting this as The Universe’s way of saying to me: “Pop your feet up love, and take some time to relax”. I’ve done some stretching, and some nice deep breathing, and now I think some […]

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