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  • Reaching Out to Australia

    Reaching Out to Australia

    It is just on noon as I write; it is dark, a smell of smoke in the air. Earlier today, around six of the clock, the sky was a weird yellow. There is a mucky slick in the sky; Bits of birds, animals, properties, pets, people! It is now a brownish sky – no sun,…

  • Break the Spell

    Break the Spell

    When nightfall comes and Witches Call,And thoughts are filled with dread.You try to sleep Oh please! calm sleep,But nightmares come instead. With heart and mind you try to hope,Some solace may be found.But heart and mind are locked in dark,A poison keeps them bound. This poison seeps and steals repose,Corrupts all thought and feeling.Each day…

  • Poison’s Gate

    Poison’s Gate

    Please gather round my dearest friendsAnd to this tale your ears doth lend.My tale thus speaks, of highs and lowsAnd seems the same where life goes. There was a time when days were long All full of youth of wine of song. But time and tides are no-ones slaves They soon destroy such joyful days.…

  • Dancing with the Devil I Know

    Dancing with the Devil I Know

    I will destroy your health, screw up all your hopes and dreams, destroy everything that you hold dear. Take your life and twist it until you are alone and desperate with no one near. If you stick with me, I can take your pain away, I can even make it go away forever.

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