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Sober I am no Longer the Victim in the Tragedy of my own Making

Opehilia Sinking but Sober I am no longer the victim of my own tragedy

The idea that we need to practice quitting drinking before sobriety sticks is no surprise. I tried to quit smoking several times before I finally pulled it off. I got better at it, I knew what to expect. I quit and have not had a cigarette in decades and do not fondly think of them

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Creating New Holiday Traditions Joyfully Sober

Christmas decorations on beach sober Christmas

Sober Christmas 2020? If you are in your first year sober you may be looking ahead to the holiday season with a bit of dread and trepidation. Alcohol temptations are everywhere at this time of year from the shopping mall, to the television, to the dining room. Decorating, cooking, shopping, planning – everything can be

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6 Reasons I’m Staying Sober – Perspective from 6 months Alcohol Free

My beautiful better half told me recently that I should go on a hiatus from being alcohol free in the summer, so that I could drink white wine with him on our long summer nights. Although I did have one day off, I’m not taking a hiatus; I’m still firmly on the alcohol free wagon.

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