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  • Lessons From the Middle of the Lake in Year 3 Sober

    Woman in Lake lessons from year 3 sober

    Long-term sobriety is still not without its significant challenges and temptations and I need to write them down for myself.  Today I participated in a 10 km swim – one that I started doing annually with a group of friends a few years ago. We all showed up at the lake at 5:00 am. Just […]

  • Never Running Out and No Longer Running Away

    Happy Woman Quit drinking 3 years sober

    I never thought it possible when I quit drinking but actual days and weeks go by and I don’t think about it at all now. I used to think about drinking, and then not drinking, and then more drinking literally every day! This morning on my way to work I thought to myself “ how […]

  • Loving Life Takes Practice – Living Joyfully in Year 3 Sober

    Woman in Dance pose representing Sober Practice and Loving Life alcohol free in year 3

    What does it feel like to live sober long term and joyfully, rather than simply taking the usual 30-day alcohol detox that many people find difficult to endure? Have you considered staying sober after Dry January? How do people enjoy life without at least the occasional drink, for a year, or two, or more? Sober […]

  • Sober I am no Longer the Victim in the Tragedy of my own Making

    Opehilia Sinking but Sober I am no longer the victim of my own tragedy

    “She sinks. She sinks in holy sadness. Like an Ophelia in tears she sinks”― Georges Rodenbach My brother, who works with addicts in a hospital, told me that the average number of times it takes to really quit drinking and stay sober is five. So four practice runs and then finally on the 5th one sobriety […]

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