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4 Years Sober – From Alcohol Dependant to Loving Living Alcohol Free

Today I have been alcohol free for four years. I say alcohol free rather than sober because that is how I feel. FREE! Once dependant, catagorized a cronic alcoholic. Once trapped by my need to drink no matter how bad things got but now FREE! When I started on day one, I honestly didn’t think

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5 Years Sober a Journey to Serenity

5 Years Sober - An Odessy to Serenity

I stopped drinking on 1st May, 2015. It’s been five years since I put down the wine and cider bottles for good. Not just thinking it, not just sober curious, but doing it! Truth is, ladies and gentlemen, when I’d been on my inner journey of change – something which often happens to us in our middle

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My Uber Alcohol Free 2020 Project Report – 100 Days Sober !

Woman with Computer and Progress Repost Graphs- 100 day sober alcohol free report

I’m reflecting back from 100 days sober on what alcohol gave me. Alcohol gave me guilt for missing a sunny day completely, or having to call into work hungover. Drinking was absolute masochism for me. Good riddance alcohol ! Every week since that utterly terrifying, deer-caught-in-the-headlights moment when I heard the rare, unexpectedly calm, and

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