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Alcoholism is … ?

Bar sign Relax alcoholism is ...?

What is alcoholism? Am I an alcoholic? I grew up seeing men sitting contently on “their” barstools in dark quiet bars, playing the football pool, getting each other to help with construction jobs or house repair, shooting the shit, and letting loose. Bars and booze were the vital source of adult life and freedom outside

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How I Escaped the Trap of Gray Area Drinking

Woman at dusk How I escaped the Trap of Gray area drinking

Freedom from drinking! I never thought I’d get here. I drank my last glass of wine 450 days ago, after sliding gradually into a bottle-a-day habit (sometimes a little more) over a period of at least 20 years, from around the time I started perimenopause until I was 69 years old. I’ve read some interesting

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Retrieving Me – My Sober Journey

Woman with shadow of child- Retreiving me the sober journey

I was always worried about being left behind as a child. Overlooked by the neighborhood kids during summer tag games, left off the list for high school party invites. Even as an adult, accomplished in my field, when a smooth talking heavy hitter turns away from me mid-sentence for someone deemed more worthy, that same

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