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Un-Drowning – Rising Up From a Legacy of Alcohol Addiction

Woman swimming up Un-drowning Rising up from a legacy of alcohol addiction

My mom was a great lady.  Fiercely independent, she could stretch my dad’s paycheck to feed their 7 children, as well as embrace foster children when they needed shelter.  She was quick and witty and funny. Mom sewed clothes for us, and we felt so blessed to have her make us special clothes. She made

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3 Months Sober and Unstuck!

Grafitti of man with Balloon 3 months sober and Unstuck

I honestly don’t think I would have stopped drinking had the pandemic not forced me to be alone with myself.  These past 4 months since the onset of covid have changed everything. I’ve never spent so much time alone, and to spend a majority of that time in a sober mind, facing my thoughts and

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16 Lessons I learned when I Stopped Drinking, Dry July 2020, Day 21 Inspiration

Woman blowing gold stars - 16 lessons I learned when I stopped drinking

I was sober last year for 6 months – almost. I say almost because I had 2 nights of drinking in that time so I wasn’t 100% text book sober. I was not what most people would call an alcoholic but I was pretty committed to going alcohol-free. For one reason or another my life seemed

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