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Alcohol Abuse has very far reaching effects. To realize that my feelings of being “less than” are caused by those experiences rather than truth. I am not “less than” those who were brought up by present parents. Yes, I know that no family is perfect. I had plenty of friends with parents who were doing a far better job than mine. That was because she couldn’t cope, it was not because I didn’t deserve it. It is past time for me to stop thinking of myself as “less than”.
I am not “less than”.
Be the change you want in your life.

The Hungry Ghost : Evolving Away from Childhood Pain

Like some of you, I have a difficult time knowing when to stop drinking. As someone here in the Boozemusings Community has put it so well “My off switch is broken”. I would add that in my case that off switch is a problem sometimes, not all the time. I have not hit rock bottom

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I Am Walking Away From the Pain

I’m not long into this current incarnation of being Alcohol-Free. And there are days I wonder if it is necessary. My tack this time around is to say, ‘well…if you want that sidecar, we can do that tomorrow, sweetcakes. Right now, let’s just let this hibiscus tea steep.’ So far that – combined with a

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Who Am I

Who am I? A question I have asked myself many times over my life. If I think carefully and honestly, the answer has never changed. What has changed is my reluctance to accept the answer. As we grow we learn many things about ourselves. We also learn what others expect of us and the visions

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