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My Uber Alcohol Free 2020 Project Report – 100 Days Sober !

Woman with Computer and Progress Repost Graphs- 100 day sober alcohol free report

I’m reflecting back from 100 days sober on what alcohol gave me. Alcohol gave me guilt for missing a sunny day completely, or having to call into work hungover. Drinking was absolute masochism for me. Good riddance alcohol ! Every week since that utterly terrifying, deer-caught-in-the-headlights moment when I heard the rare, unexpectedly calm, and

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5 Lessons About Drinking Alcohol Like a Grownup – My Ethonol Education

Lesson #1 – Drinking Alcohol Equals FUN! Fun is LOUD! My ethanol education began with a memorable lesson. Drinking alcohol equals fun! One of my first memories of my dad is of him standing on a table at my Aunt’s house, eating half of a tequila worm. I thought it was funny. My dad ate

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Wine o’clock – A Memior

Wine o' clock wine glass with corks

It’s easy to romanticize drinking, even if you have found that you love being sober. That elegant image of a beautiful woman relaxing with a glass of wine at the end of a long hard day is everywhere. Actually, a woman confidently slugging back an entire bottle of wine because she deserves it, is normalized

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