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  • Stewy and the Possum

    This morning, when I let my dog outside for his morning business, his stance went from the casual dog waiting for a treat, to an avid hunter, and he raced like a greyhound to the back corner of our yard.  Before I could even scream his name, Stewy had captured and snapped the neck of […]

  • What’s Your Secret to Sobriety?

    Secret to Sobriety Fingerprint with dectective

    Sometimes we need a gentle nudge to remind ourselves that the path towards sobriety is uniquely ours, like our fingerprints. With ridges, whorls, and loops, your fingerprints are unique to you and can’t be duplicated by me. And whilst you may try to imitate my fingerprints, they are mine alone and not for sale. To […]

  • Learning to Let Life Happen – Celebrating One Year Sober

    Womqan with balloon one year sober

    If you are going to stop drinking, you quite simply have to stop drinking, but stopping is not easy. I think the hardest part in my early days of TRYING to quit drinking was the self sabotage, and lying to myself. I remember waking up hungover, full of shame and self-loathing, and thinking to myself […]

  • Sobriety is NOT a Punishment- You Can Do it Just for Today

    It can feel almost impossible to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get moving with a commitment to stop drinking. Most of us are feeling pretty down on ourselves when we decide it is finally time to go alcohol-free. I wish there was a way to snap our fingers and magically achieve sober momentum! […]

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