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Sober Momentum – Finding Your Way on the Journey to Stay Alcohol-Free

In the sobriety/recovery community we are all on the same alcohol-free highway. Some of us just hopped into the car, and some of us are professional drivers with miles and miles of sober momentum. When do we stop counting the miles and the days? When does alcohol freedom become the new “normal”?  Be hopeful, because at

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Beating Peer Pressure to Stop Drinking and Stay Sober

Woman in crowd with red nose- Beating peer pressure to stop drinking and stay sober

Remember being a child, getting caught being naughty by your teacher, and when she asked WHY did you do it… you responded with, He started it first! And maybe he did? Maybe you subcumbed to peer pressure and did something you knew you shouldn’t, hoping you wouldn’t get caught. Most of us succumbed to peer

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Comparison Shopping – To Drink or Not to Drink?

When someone stops drinking, and people around them notice there’s a change, how to react can be a hard balancing act. It’s kind of like when you meet a friend that you haven’t seen in awhile, and they’ve lost a considerable amount of weight. You can tell that she’s lost weight, but why? Is she

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