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A Positive Perspective on Going Dry or the Joy of Living Alcohol-Free

Woman with Umbrella What do you get when you stop drinking alcohol

It can be daunting to imagine staying sober forever. I remember in my first weeks alcohol-free thinking, “I won’t be able to drink at my children’s weddings!?” Keep in mind, neither of my children was getting married…or were engaged…In fact, they were 11 and 15 when I stopped drinking. But it is the spectre of

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Why I’m Glad I Stopped Drinking During the Pandemic

Poison Why I'm Glad that I Stopped Drinking During the Covid-19 Pandemic

If I were still drinking during this Annus Horribilis – If I were still Drinking during the Covid-19 lockdowns and the crazy insecurity that these rolling quarentines bring… I would “excuse” my drinking since these are such stressful times. I’d be up to 2 bottles at the weekend, rather than one, because “the world is going to

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Understanding Fading Affect Bias and Staying Sober with an Online Community

Fading image of Woman Understanding Fading Affect Bias and Staying Sober with an Online Community

Everyone who has ever tried to stay sober is familiar with that seductive voice that forgets the pain of drinking too much. Psychologists call it the fading affect bias, more commonly known as FAB, which simply means that memories associated with negative emotions tend to be forgotten more quickly than those associated with positive emotions. Fading

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But I can’t be an alcoholic! I didn’t hit rock bottom!

reaching up from under water I didn't reach rock bottom

Many problem drinkers carry a mental picture of “rock bottom,” the place we think we have to fall before we can become free of alcohol for good. AA popularized the idea that we can’t get (and stay) sober until we lose everything that matters to us. Accepting that you’re an alcoholic, hitting rock bottom, and

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