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Perspective from Two Years Alcohol – Free

Today I’m celebrating two years of alcohol-free life. In that time I experienced my best friend’s death, the effects of withdrawal from years of benzodiazepine dependence, major surgery, and the upheavals of a world-wide pandemic. And as hard as many of these events were and continue to be, I’m proud that I got through them

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Coming Home to Myself at 7 Months Sober

The Besty Dreams Happen When You are awake - Coming Home to Myself at 7 months sober

I just flew sober for the first time in my adult life. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but after 26 years of associating air travel with airport bars and the cocktail cart, I was afraid that I couldn’t handle flying alcohol-free. Rather than checking in and numbing out I was awake and

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4 Secrets to Staying Sober that I Uncovered in my First 6 months Alcohol-Free

Woman writing in Journal - Uncovering the Secrets to Staying Sober

I remember when I first joined the BOOM Community hoping to get help to stop drinking, reading posts from people saying they’d made it a year, a month, a few weeks alcohol-free even, and I thought they were some sort of wise old sages with a secret to staying sober that I didn’t have. And

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Tips and Tools for Your First Month Sober Part 2 – Day 12 thru 16

Woman with phone Searching First Month Sober Tips and Tools

Getting sober and eventually staying sober, can feel almost mythically impossible. How do you stop drinking and stay sober when you love to drink but the drinking doesn’t love you anymore? What works ? How do you get through that first month sober when drinking has been a daily release for years? For many people

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