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  • Books to Help you Stop Drinking and Fuel Your Sober Momentum

    Books on Head Books that helped Fuel my Sober Momentum

    I love books and I love libraries! Just walking into that quiet space, the smell of all the books, and the thought of all the knowledge and ideas is so peaceful to me. The wisdom and life experiences people have shared in their books are endless; high adventures of things I will never experience but […]

  • Inspired by the Radical Magic of Living Life Alcohol-Free

    "We are the Luckiest" "Quit Like a Woman" Inspired by the Radical Magic of Living Life Alcohol-Free

    At the beginning of 2020 (which feels like several years ago, right?) I agreed to review the newly published books by Holly Whitaker and Laura McKowen for my online community BOOM Rethink the Drink and this Boozemusings Blog. Both of these books will appeal strongly to women, but I know lots of dudes who have […]

  • Romancing the Darkness – Alcohol Addiction and The Shining

    Romancing the Darkness - Thoughts on Alcohol Addiction and The Shining Jack Nicolson in the Lobby of the Overlook Hotel

    Every once in a while you read something so profound, so connective to your life and thought process, it resonates and sets your mind right. Today on my 5th day sober, my 5th day sober after 200 days alcohol-free and a slip and a slide and another and another, someone in my community shared this perspective […]

  • The Two Miracles That Helped me Stop Drinking and Stay Sober

    Woman walking into light the two miracles that helped me stop drinking

    Today I am celebrating 3 months sober. I’m 3 months alcohol-free and that freedom is something well worth celebrating but I am MAD! I am so mad at the big lie that is alcohol. I am so mad that alcohol gets its hooks into people and won’t let go, and that turning your back on […]

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