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Sobriety is the Best Kept Secret

Woman chainsaw dog garden

This is a picture of me in my sober badass shoes. My daughter took the picture a few years ago to help me tell a story. I don’t usually sit around in my back yard wearing cutoff shorts and high heels. But this day was special! I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

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Breaking Free

Change is hard. Most of us associate change with control. Controlling our appetites. Controlling our impulses. Ten or so years ago, when I found myself desperate to stop drinking, the first book I reached for was Allen Carr’s Easyway to Control Alcohol. Those Big Letters across the front CONTROL- ALCOHOL That book did not do

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Why Do I Feel Like I’ll Die Without a Drink ?

For people who are physically dependent on alcohol, not drinking can be dangerous. If you are dependent and stop drinking without medical supervision you can die. But that is very rare. It is actually considerably more common for people to die because they continue drinking. The vast majority of people who need to stop drinking

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Walking Away from the Wine o’ Clock Routine

I didn’t understand what an alcohol-induced blackout was until I read Sarah Hepola’s book Blackout : Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget. Before I stopped drinking I had actually had many blackouts, I just didn’t realize that when I woke up with no memory of going to sleep, and no memory of the conversations I’d

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