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Breaking the Spell of Wine o’Clock

Woman enchanted walking into wine o clock spell

I think that it was the author Lucy Rocca who coined the term Wine Witch. Belle, who writes the blog Tired of Thinking about Drinking, came up with a malevolent wine o’clock voice named Wolfie. In the rational recovery program, the smiling assassin’s Drink Now voice is called The Feast Beast. And indeed, what I

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How to get From Here to There

I’ve been pondering the question of how to get from here to there… of course being addicted to alcohol and there being free from alcohol. This is a very different thing to ‘not drinking’. Not drinking is very hard work! It assumes that drinking is desirable but for some reason we aren’t very good at

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Do you Want to Drink or Do you Need to Drink? – Dropping the Denial

When I was deep into my years of drinking heavily most nights and regretting it most mornings, I developed a routine of carefully saying “I’m drinking because I want a drink. I don’t NEED a drink I want one”. I was consciously saying WANT instead of NEED because if I admitted to needing a drink

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How do You Stop Drinking When You Love to Drink?

Barbed Heart Tough Love

If you’re trying to stop drinking how do you break the cycle of getting to day three and drinking again? I loved to drink. Giving it up felt like cutting off an arm. I had moments of Bliss, and Hope, and Gratitude, in my early weeks alcohol free, but I also had moments where I

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