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Anger Management in Early Sobriety – Facing Your Feelings Alcohol Free

Woman pushing glass anger management in sobriety

Something that hit me pretty hard in early sobriety was anger. Sometimes I’m just MAD as hell. It’s pretty amazing, actually, the amount of anger-energy that comes out of me. Madder than a hornet in a coke can. I’m mad that I can’t just keep moving on through my life as ‘normal’, mad that I’ve

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10 Things I’ve Learned in 100 Days Sober

Woman's feet with flower 10 thionkgs I've learned in 100 days sober

In the future, when I think of 2020, I will think of the weeks I spent alone in a ski resort town. I don’t think I can accurately write about that time because not enough time has passed, but it was August, and I’d been sober for maybe two weeks. There in the mountains I

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Sober I am no Longer the Victim in the Tragedy of my own Making

Opehilia Sinking but Sober I am no longer the victim of my own tragedy

The idea that we need to practice quitting drinking before sobriety sticks is no surprise. I tried to quit smoking several times before I finally pulled it off. I got better at it, I knew what to expect. I quit and have not had a cigarette in decades and do not fondly think of them

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Your Scars are Beautiful – Moving Toward Emotional Sobriety with Inspiration from Kintsugi

Healing in Sobriety - Scars, pain and Kintsugi

Emotional sobriety is the long term healing achieved in the years that follow going sober. Emotional sobriety is not a guarantee when you stop drinking, but it is the thing that makes living sober an empowering freedom rather than an endless slog of wishing you could drink like the rest of the crowd. Emotional sobriety

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