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Feeling Everything

When I drank I didn’t know why. I didn’t like who I became when I drank. I didn’t like how I felt after I drank. I didn’t like how I drank once I started. I could go for a month sober maybe and then when I drank I drank daily. So I could go for

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Top Ten Alcohol-Free Internet Entertainments

10. Bake this cake: 9. Try out some AF drinks: 8. Create your own website or blog: 7. Have a Spa party: 6. Watch a free movie: 5. Read a great book free: 4. Learn a new language, fun and free: 3. Take a college class for free:

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Distraction and the art of candlemaking

One of the craziest things about being sober is being caught in some sort of time-space continuum.The first few sober days are horrible. I can still remember that feeling of clinging onto the edge of a cliff by my very short fingernails: the awful cravings and the sleeplessness. The sleeplessness was the pits. For me,

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