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The Tipping Point – Choosing to Stay Sober Despite the Triggers

People Balancing on Railroad track- The tipping point - How to Stay sober when You are triggered

It can seem impossible to stop drinking or stay sober beyond a few days. After the vehemence with which you pledge your sobriety on your last day one, you may find yourself triggered and tipping toward drinking within days. So how do you make sober stick once you’ve made the choice to go alcohol-free? To

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Just do the Next Right Thing – Empowering Me

Woman looking up- Just do the next right thing - empowering me

Hey you, ya; me, Hello gorgeous. I see your brain is going places you’d rather not have it go; that’s okay. Take a deep breath. What you are thinking are just thoughts, most likely brought on by emotions. Just do the next right thing. Frustrated at the kids? Feel like you’re losing control? Are you

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Understanding Fading Affect Bias and Staying Sober with an Online Community

Fading image of Woman Understanding Fading Affect Bias and Staying Sober with an Online Community

Everyone who has ever tried to stay sober is familiar with that seductive voice that forgets the pain of drinking too much. Psychologists call it the fading affect bias, more commonly known as FAB, which simply means that memories associated with negative emotions tend to be forgotten more quickly than those associated with positive emotions. Fading

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Sober Momentum – Finding Your Way on the Journey to Stay Alcohol-Free

In the sobriety/recovery community we are all on the same alcohol-free highway. Some of us just hopped into the car, and some of us are professional drivers with miles and miles of sober momentum. When do we stop counting the miles and the days? When does alcohol freedom become the new “normal”?  Be hopeful, because at

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