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Stewy and the Possum

This morning, when I let my dog outside for his morning business, his stance went from the casual dog waiting for a treat, to an avid hunter, and he raced like a greyhound to the back corner of our yard.  Before I could even scream his name, Stewy had captured and snapped the neck of

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Climbing Mount Sobriety One Step at a Time

Yesterday I faced my fear of a hike that I was worried would be too hard for me. We were invited on this hike by a couple we had never hiked with before. They don’t know how alcohol has damaged my body and I was scared I wouldn’t be able to keep up. At first,

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Perspective from Two Years Alcohol – Free

Today I’m celebrating two years of alcohol-free life. In that time I experienced my best friend’s death, the effects of withdrawal from years of benzodiazepine dependence, major surgery, and the upheavals of a world-wide pandemic. And as hard as many of these events were and continue to be, I’m proud that I got through them

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Sobriety Taught Me to Honor Myself

Woman growing as Plant Sobriety

When I made the decision to stop drinking over a year ago, I never imagined that sobriety would literally transform my life. I went from a place of complete breakdown; feeling worthless, hopeless, fearful, and paralyzed…to a place of feeling so empowered, capable and strong. My life did NOT magically get easier, but my perspective

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