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Learning from the Stop – Start Cycle and Dealing with Alcohol Cravings

It’s interesting that after weeks or months of living alcohol free, the commitment that people put in to stop drinking, starts to fade. The negatives of alcohol are easily forgotten when you start to feel better, mentally and physically. When the inevitable boredom or stress of life begins to arise after a stint of sobriety,

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Mothering my Wild Inner Child – Taming Cravings When you Stop Drinking

Mothering my Inner Child- Silencing Alcoho Cravings when you Stop Drinking

I’m stronger than my cravingsThey’re misinformedHaving been given incorrect informationIt’s not my faultI did my best in the situation I know better nowBut my cravings drive me mad at timesWanting that wine Like a little girlCharging around my house at nightShe’s cold and wants to play with matches to get warmShe’s prepared to argueAnd fightShe

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How do You Keep From Slipping When You Stop Drinking?

Angel and Devil playing chess- How do You Keep From Slipping When You Stop Drinking? Tools to fight Triggers

Once you stop drinking and get some sober momentum going the challenge is not to slip. Staying sober is all about finding the tools you need to fight the triggers. Things that trigger you to drink need to be consciously challenged by the reasons you know you want to stay sober. It’s like listening to

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