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  • Life Guard

    Life Guard

    I guard my lifeIt’s up to meNo one to blame now I’m freeThe days were darkI’d got embroiledIn a life of numbingCouldn’t face a day aheadOf mundane tasks & grumpy facesAll my thoughts were taken upGaging time, filling cupWatching the clock & planning aheadGagging his home time , the fear & dreadWould he know ,…

  • Socialising Sober – Poetic Observations

    Socialising Sober – Poetic Observations

    When I decide to get dressed up and go on a night out socialising I know I could do with realising If and when I have the urge to drink I should probably pause and think  Hard And hope I can take a shovel along from my garden or backyard  I just might need it to dig myself…

  • I Took It Took

    I Took It Took

    What? Not drinking? Ever? You are joking, aren’t you?  It took me many attempts at moderation to finally realise that. ‘What’s the point in just 1 glass? ‘ It took up so much of my head-space that it nearly took my head. I thought I was going crazy. Alcohol turned me into some wild banshee.…

  • Imperfect


    Bringing up kids Who’d have thought The worry and tearsThe fears it brought  Terrible twos they said are simply the worst But the teenage years Have made me burst  With worry and dread Why isn’t he in his bed What can I do ? It’s half past two .  All these milestones They have to passBut that first day at big school will…

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