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  • Precious Freedom

    Precious Freedom

    I never believed I could do this My brain would overthink The need to always know Who’d be providing my next drink  How did others know how to behave? When my mind would constantly crave  The lies that alcohol fedI realised were all in my head For sobriety actually brought An end to the battles I’d fought  For twenty or […]

  • Take a Bow

    Take a Bow

    I was often the clown Making them laugh One for the road One more half. It was never just oneIt ended in tears No idea how he put up with me all those years He dreaded our nights out I didn’t know at the time What would she do tonight Would it end in a fight ?The best thing I did was put the […]

  • Sober Badass School

    Sober Badass School

    Because we kinda make our own rules I feel I’m at Sober Badass School  BOOM! Rethink the Drink ! We’ve lots of resources Numerous sources Of wit and wisdom too I mean I know in the end it comes down to youBut a site like this?I’m so glad When I was feeling bad and sadI didn’t miss the chance […]

  • Keep Coming Back

    Keep Coming Back

    You’re never ready until you’re ready. It took me a lot of stopping & starting. Slipping & sliding. I joined a community like this 5 years ago having just read High Sobriety by Jill stark. What an eye-opener. And I thought I was the only one struggling with daily drinking, hiding, sneaking & lying .  […]

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