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  • Family Legacy

    Family Legacy

    When did the party cease to be?Fun times,laughs,friends with me  There came a time I crossed a line That linethat was to change my life A life that was sadwhen I care to admit A child so scared who didn’t fit Family secrets never told Parents slowly growing old  A mother tornand broken inside The loss of a childthat she chose to […]

  • I am Free !

    I am Free !

    2018 was my first full year of sobriety. Do I need perfect? What is perfect? My life is far from perfect but that’s ok. I’ve learnt to feel and not numb. I used to numb and not feel. That wasn’t perfect either. I’ve gained confidence, I know that much. I’ve chosen my battles. My response […]

  • The Lies I Told

    The Lies I Told

    Was I drinking everyday? No . Did I get drunk every time? I don’t think so. I masked it well. So was there a problem ? It got to the stage where after a few drinks, my emotions were all over the place. Nasty me. Picking on my hub, poor guy. Raging at my kids, […]

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