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  • Flowing Through the Seasons

    Summer is passing and fall slowly approaches setting foliage ablaze and dowsing the leaves with the unfailing autumn rains. Brilliant golden days are replaced with mundane and fading grey. A solemn sadness creeps into life as the season of growth comes to an end. It is a harbinger of the darker days of winter yet […]

  • Reflection or Refraction

    When looking in a mirror, one sees a reflection. An exact image copied and reversed. Like looking back in time I can see all the imperfections, wrinkles and scars that made me/make me who I am. What I have become. If you look into a pool of water there is on the surface a reflection […]

  • Market Day

    Today was market day in the village. The streets are closed, stalls are erected and local farmers and artisans display and vend their wares. It is a very popular event that comes about every second Sunday during the summer and draws people from quite some distances away. There is music, a man making balloon animals, […]

  • The Cardboard Box

    Last night, while cleaning out a storage room, I found my life. It was in a dust covered cardboard box on a forgotten shelf in a room I seldom enter. The box was worn and torn at the corners and the tape meant to hold it together had lost its grip and was peeling away […]

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