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It’s Ok to Not be Ok – Breaking the Bond of Mommy’s Wine Time

It's ok to not be ok cutting the tie to mommy's wine time

I’m so proud of myself for being sober this Christmas season because last year I was a mess. A hiding my bottles in my shoes mess. I sunk into a Mommy’s Wine Time routine as an accepted adult comfort, but drinking became the problem, not the solution. My husband is in the military so he

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5 Thoughts to Help You Stay Sober from Christmas to New Year’s Eve

Golden 5

Over the last 15 years, I can count on one hand the number of sober Christmas to New Year’s Eve holidays I’ve celebrated: two. My first sober holiday season in recent memory was six years ago in 2014. That was the year that my father passed away … while I was with him. Losing my

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12 Days of Holiday Cookies and Home-Baked Sobriology

12 Days of Holidat Cookies and Homebaked Sobriology

Sweet Distractions for my first sober holiday season Are you feeling shaky during the holidays? Does everything feel a little futile? Are you into avoiding work and ignoring emails? Do you want to bury your existential dread in nonpareils and royal icing? You too might need cookies! Or (speaking for myself) therapy! I spent today

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The Best Cure for Your 2020 Holiday Season Hangover

Hangover LasVegas Holiday Season Hangover Cure

Is the stress of 2020 and the holiday season driving you to drink? Did you find that you went further than intended with the holiday cheer at the Zoom happy hour or sadly socially distanced holiday party? Or in 2020, with the Covid lockdowns rolling through town again, are you finding that you’re just drinking

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