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  • Thought for the Day : Hope

    Thought for the Day : Hope

    Another solstice marks another point on the yearly cycle. Things come into being and things pass away. This was my fifth summer solstice since I stopped drinking. I just had to get off the merry-go-round to nowhere. Nothing changes if nothing changes. It really comes down to the choices we make. The same lessons just…

  • Perseverance – Staying Sober Long Term

    Perseverance – Staying Sober Long Term

    I’ve noticed that the people who have been sober long term inevitably talk about that one time when the compulsion to drink came upon them unexpectedly. Sometimes it’s because of a stressful or tragic event. Sometimes it’s because the allure of old acquaintances in a party situation suddenly looks too inviting. “I can go back…

  • Freedom!


    Just a few days away now from 3.5 years sober. A great big empowering freedom. Alcohol-Free! It’s maybe more than a little ironic that I used to regard freedom as the freedom to do what I wanted, and want I wanted to do was get ‘buzzed’ as often as I could. About 20 years ago,…

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