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Are You Maybe Sober Curious? An Invitation to Imagine The Life that Sobriety Cultivates

JOY an invitation to the Sober Curious

2 years ago, while searching around the internet for help to stop drinking, I stumbled over some words that were not at all what I expected to be reading. The title of the article was pretty straightforward, Guide to your First Month Sober: Why and How to Quit Drinking, but there was little in it

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Just do the Next Right Thing – Empowering Me

Woman looking up- Just do the next right thing - empowering me

Hey you, ya; me, Hello gorgeous. I see your brain is going places you’d rather not have it go; that’s okay. Take a deep breath. What you are thinking are just thoughts, most likely brought on by emotions. Just do the next right thing. Frustrated at the kids? Feel like you’re losing control? Are you

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Wisdom from Alcoholics Anonymous – Doing Sobriety the Right Way for You

Coffe cups and Hands Wisdom from Alcoholics Anonymous doing Sobriety Right

When I first stopped drinking, I was concerned that without working the 12 steps I wasn’t doing sobriety right. Eventually there were people who told me that I wasn’t doing sobriety right because I hadn’t added meditation and yoga to my routine. Some people who stayed sober by attending Alcoholics Anonymous, meditating, or doing yoga,

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