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Getting it

One of the reasons it took me so long to stop drinking after I knew I needed to, was that I had learned that nightly drinking to de-stress was a normal part of adult life. The more stress in one’s life the more justification there was to drink it away at the end of the

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More Joy Please

What makes us happy? What gives us joy? What brings real comfort? How do we find peace?  Most of us could have easily answered those questions at age three or four or five. But when was the last time we even stopped to consider them?  One of the soul-stripping effects of any addiction is the

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A Fresh Approach to Beat the Binge Drinking Routine

“We Love it, we commiserate with it, we celebrate with it, but you have a Problem with It, and Nobody wants to talk to You” That’s how the BBC series ‘Like Minds: Why is using alcohol to cope so common?‘ begins.  Whether you call it alcohol abuse, alcoholism or alcohol-use-disorder, alcohol addiction is deadly. Sometimes

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