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Wisdom from Alcoholics Anonymous – Doing Sobriety the Right Way for You

Coffe cups and Hands Wisdom from Alcoholics Anonymous doing Sobriety Right

When I first stopped drinking, I was concerned that without working the 12 steps I wasn’t doing sobriety right. Eventually there were people who told me that I wasn’t doing sobriety right because I hadn’t added meditation and yoga to my routine. Some people who stayed sober by attending Alcoholics Anonymous, meditating, or doing yoga,

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Why I No Longer Drink and 10 Lessons I’ve Learned in 5 Years Sober

Worman in sunflower field representing Why I Don't Drink and 10 Lessons I've Learned in 5 Years Sober

I’ve been participating in an online community since I stopped drinking over 5 years ago. I’ve learned that there is a commonality among us when we go sober. No matter what our individual circumstances, we often share similar experiences when we remove the alcohol from our lives. I no longer drink because, at 62, my mental

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Is Sobriety a Drag or is it the Ultimate Freedom?

Near the end of my long and illustrious drinking career I found myself desperate to stop drinking, but terrified that if I did stop I would spend the rest of my life imprisoned by sobriety. Sobriety sounded so heavy and confining to me, like dragging around a ball and chain. Drinking, on the other hand,

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