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  • Why I No Longer Drink and 10 Lessons I’ve Learned in 5 Years Sober

    Worman in sunflower field representing Why I Don't Drink and 10 Lessons I've Learned in 5 Years Sober

    I’ve been participating in an online community since I stopped drinking over 5 years ago. I’ve learned that there is a commonality among us when we go sober. No matter what our individual circumstances, we often share similar experiences when we remove the alcohol from our lives. I no longer drink because, at 62, my mental […]

  • Is Sobriety a Drag or is it the Ultimate Freedom?

    Near the end of my long and illustrious drinking career I found myself desperate to stop drinking, but terrified that if I did stop I would spend the rest of my life imprisoned by sobriety. Sobriety sounded so heavy and confining to me, like dragging around a ball and chain. Drinking, on the other hand, […]

  • Once Upon a Real Life

    I have heard that when we drink too much there is always a reason. There is always a story as to why we lost control and a story as to how we won our freedom. Once Upon a Real Life is my story- The story that tells the tale of my drinking to excess and […]

  • A Fresh Approach to Fight Alcohol Addiction

    Whether you call it alcohol abuse, alcoholism or alcohol-use-disorder, alcohol addiction is deadly. Sometimes it takes people quickly for reasons obviously related to the drinking. Sometimes it takes people suddenly in accidents or violent outbursts. Sometimes alcohol abuse compounds depression and inspires suicide and sometimes it slowly erodes the quality of a person’s life dissolving […]

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