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  • Do You Really Want to Stop Drinking?

    Do You Really Want to Stop Drinking?

    Maybe you make it through a white knuckle weekend, but you didn’t cave. And you make it another week. I think I can handle it this time…no more drinking too much, no more hangovers. But then you have a bad day at work and come home and have a drink (but only one).  And the…

  • Find Your Spark

    Find Your Spark

    At some point, my life will end. It may be from old age, it may be from an accident or illness – or I may just pass like a whisper in the quiet of the night. But what I can say and know with certainty is – I will not die from alcohol….

  • ‘Twas a Sober October

    ‘Twas a Sober October

    ‘Twas a Sober Octoberand all through my mindran a list of excuseswhy I should drink wine – Now I know that I promisedthis month I’d be good –I’d quit poisoning my bodyand take care as I should! But just when I thoughtthese days were a breeze,along came my triggersto tempt and to tease – First…

  • Join Us For A Sober October

    Join Us For A Sober October

    In a world where we are sold “wine-time” as the cure for all that ails us, learning self-care without the wine can be easier said than done. When you are used to treating yourself daily with a drink or a few, going alcohol-free is a very grown-up thing to do. Celebrate your choice with us…

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