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Sober Evolution

Take a good hard look at this photo. What do you see? Write it down before you read on. This photo was taken at a local park, one at which I hike frequently with my dogs. Up until 10 years ago, this park was a golf course. The family that owned retired and sold the

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Top Ten Excuses not to Drink

10. I find that drinking throws off my timing in the high hurdles enough so that I won’t make the Olympic team. 9. I’m pregnant. (Note: This is particularly successful if (1) you are a man, (2) you are a nun, or (3) you are clearly outside childbearing age.) 8. I’m doing a test to

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“I survived because the fire within me burned brighter than the fire around me.” It really started for me last summer. I was reading a book called “The Miracle Morning.” TMM is all about starting your day with certain exercises (mental and physical) that will shape your day and, by extension, change your habits and

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