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The alcohol effect on middle aged “fun” sensors

There is a lot of science out there about the chemistry of the brain and the effect of alcohol on it. The bottom line from all research whether pro or anti-alcohol is more or less the same. Alcohol affects the brain, PERIOD!!!! I would love to go out there and do tons of research, but

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Nobody Drinks Like I Do For Fun

One day not too far from now you will wonder what happened to your life. Why you didn’t end up pursuing your dreams, or making more of your life. Taking chances and thinking ‘what the hell’. Loving more, Travelling more, Seeing more.What did that magic bottle hold? What grip did it take on your life. What promise did it really fulfill?

How I Stopped Drinking by Writing it Out

Every day I sit down at my computer and talk a little or a lot about how great it feels to have that little dragon sleeping soundly. I connect with a community of people who have found, like me, that drinking is not the answer to life’s problems but more likely the cause of many. We write, read, talk, debate, laugh, create and share our experiences. We share our experience in words and images and music as we evolve and every day together we become more uniquely ourselves. Dragonslayers all. Strong and free.