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Getting It

the vast majority of people who binge drink are highly functional. It might be the Dr that doesn’t ask you the questions he should about your drinking when he realizes that your symptoms could be alcohol related. It might be the school teacher who is just a little to edgy this morning because they are still ashamed of not remembering going to bed last night after the second bottle of wine.

A few months ago after many years of wondering, goggling, reading, questioning, doubting….I realized that it was me. And even though I really have known that for such a long time doing something about it was the hardest thing that I’ve ever done.

Ocsober might be a great gift to you and your kids as well

I think Ocsober and Dry July are brilliant initiatives that should be international. They raise a lot of questions about why it’s so hard to take even a temporary break from drinking. In a world where health conscious people can choose spiked sparkling water over beer and sake replaces green tea after yoga ;where women can hide up to three bottles of wine in their fashion accessories, and Mommy’s Time Out wine is drunk at Wine O’clock, there is a drink for every occasion and every occasion requires a drink. It’s evidence there’s tremendous pressure to drink daily and see that as normal…