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From I NEED to I AM… Traveling Through my first months sober

I Am

It was ten months ago. Right at the beginning of the high-pressure holiday season. I had poured out the last of my vodka bottle and had finished my last beer. I knew that it was time to quit drinking but I had been denied entry into inpatient rehab. I decided I was going to go

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No More Day 1’s – Finally Sober – BOOM Rethink the Drink !

Happy Woman at Computer No Nore Day 1's Finally Sober BOOM Rethink the Drink Online community

Day 150 alcohol-free!  Woohoooooo!  It’s been almost 5 months since my last Day 1. Almost 5 months since a voice came from out of the blurry night saying, “YOU need to do something about YOUR drinking!”  The next day, I started reading like my life depended on it (hmmm–I’ll bet it did) and here we

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