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Top Ten Alcohol-Free Internet Entertainments

This top ten list came from a man who I’ll call Ted. Sometimes these lists are serious and informative and sometimes very funny, but I know that I would not have gotten through my first alcohol free year with style and a smile if it weren’t for Ted. 10. Bake this cake: 9. Try

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How to Quiet that Thirsty Little Voice in Your Head-

You know that Little Voice in your head ? That thirsty little voice that says you’ve earned a drink at the end of a long hard day even though you promised yourself earlier, when you woke up hung over again, that you were DONE WITH ALCOHOL ! It goes something like this : I hear

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Top Ten Things you can Do to Help Maintain Sobriety

10. Know that you CAN succeed in sobriety. This is not a seven foot high jump. It’s not “rocket science”. It’s just NOT drinking alcohol. Never let Little Voice con you into thinking, “I can’t do this.” Horse manure! Tell LV to, “Stuff it!”. 9. Visualize yourself not drinking. If you’ve slipped, think back and

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Top Ten Random Tips on having a Great Alcohol-Free Weekend

10, Raise the “barrier” to drinking. Don’t keep alcohol at home. Don’t carry enough cash to buy booze. 9. Don’t skip meals. Eating healthy 3-4 times a day reduces alcohol cravings. 8. Act like you are in charge. Don’t think or talk like a victim, someone who can’t stop drinking. Actually, alcohol is powerless –

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