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What Does it Feel Like to go Alcohol-Free ?

Woman at Beach at sunrise - What does it feel like to go alcohol-free

Maybe you are like me. Like I was. I could guzzle 1-2 bottles of wine a night. Wine was my friend. Alcohol made me happy and took away my anxieties. I drank alcohol to feel free. Yet deep down and for too many years I knew I was drinking too much. I knew because I

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Demystifying Sober – Survival Guide From My First 10 Days Alcohol-Free

Woman reading - Survival Guide From My First 10 Days Alcohol-Free

Today is my one-year sober anniversary and I am thrilled. It has been the longest and shortest year of my life! Stopping drinking and then staying sober hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it. I started with a firm goal of 10 days alcohol-free and hoped to reach 100 days sober. I never

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Sober Curious ? This is the Ultimate Inspiration and Resource Post for You

55 Great Reasons to be Alcohol-Free with 12 posts to help you Stop Drinking and Stay Happily Sober About 10 years ago I realized that my nightly wine o’ clock routine was becoming a ball and chain. When I tried to stop drinking I could stop for a week here and there but once I

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Guide to your First Month Sober: Why and How to Quit Drinking

balloon drawing related with sobriety

Demystifying the First Month Sober for the Sober Curious I’m nothing short of stunned by the dramatic changes that have occurred in my life over the course of the past 5 weeks since I decided to commit to 3 months of sobriety. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to describe my first month sober

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