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Romancing the Parasite

Vampires are usually stunningly romantic figures in movies. Sometimes the hypnotic monster’s victims are taken quickly and thrown aside like a limp rag and sometimes their victims are lovingly groomed to become great passionate conquests. The mate of the demon. Together they enter an eternal life of passion that isn’t life at all but a

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Sober Curious? The Party Isn’t Over

Woman with balloons

Is alcohol essential for a good time? The catastrophic shortage of America’s most popular brand of spiked sparkling water is big news right now America is running out of White Claw hard seltzer. That’s the link to the article on CNN ‘s website. You’ll also find an article in the Atlantic, CBS News, Forbes, Business

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Why Women Are Dying for a Drink and What We Can Do About It

Women are Dying for a Drink

The first time I was flabbergasted, enraged, disgusted, infuriated, by a toxic alcohol marketing campaign I was three months sober and newly grateful to be finally free of the incessant need to drink my nights away. I stumbled over a website for a wine that was marketed to women and started reading their blog. The

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Modern Times and The Vortex

Charlie Chaplin Modern Times

Happy Birthday Charlie Chaplin! I saw my first Charlie Chaplin movie this year at the age of 54. I was performing in the orchestra for a cinema in concert performance of Modern Times and I’m so glad that it came up on our season schedule because I learned that I LOVE Charlie Chaplin. He is

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Cognitive Dissonance

If you are out to dinner and are offered a glass of wine you’ll most likely be questioned if you turn it down. We’ve been taught to believe that wine is good for us and drinking is essential to having a good time in social situations so how could you possibly turn down the drink,

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