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Are you Triggered? Craving? Reaching for a Drink? STOP!

I have come to appreciate, really appreciate, just how strong I can be. I have had easy days….no worries or concerns or dramas. And I’ve had days where, if I let my imagination take over? Tons of worries and concerns and dramas. I have also come to truly understand the depth & breadth of alcohol’s

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Three Years Alcohol Free and Looking Back on What Worked

I stopped drinking over 3 years ago and just these past few days I’ve been asked a few times for advice. I kept some of my old blog posts and was reading through them to see if any of them might be helpful. It’s been quite an experience! Reading back through reminded me of what

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It’s maybe more than a little ironic that I used to regard freedom as the freedom to do what I wanted. And want I wanted to do was get ‘buzzed’ as often as I could.About 20 years ago when I was living in Arizona, I was still what they call a ‘functional alcoholic’. Back then, but I would get sick and tired of being sick and tired of drinking every night, spending the first half of everyday trying to shake off the night before. so I would quit.