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Tuned-In to the Kaleidoscope of Life at 4 Months Sober

Woman as Kaleidioscope Tuned in at 4 months sober

When I was a “life of the party” drinker, I spent a lot of time at bars and house parties. I had a particular fondness for dive bars. The darker and divier the better. I spent all my free time drinking with the same boring people in the same boring places and behaving in the

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One Step Removed From Alcohol – Walking the Walk in my Sober Shoes

Walking woman walking the walk in my sober shoes

I’m 85 days alcohol-free today, not for the first time, but in this second try at staying sober long term, I’m starting to feel a little different. It’s a bit odd but welcome. I feel like I’m finally walking the walk in my sober shoes. Like a step has been removed from my path to alcohol

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Step Back from the Edge – Getting Back to Sober after Relapse

Getting back to sober after a long relapse has not been easy for me. I’m an instant gratification person. When I finally stopped drinking 105 days ago my health had gone so downhill that I was seriously scared. I was at the point where I was forcing those 12-16 beers down- to numb the physical

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