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Disarming the Booze Beast – A Creative Approach to Staying Sober

To most people drinking represents freedom and fun. Feeling down? Have a drink! Want to relax? Have a drink! Troubled by the worries of adult life? Check out with a bit of wine time! You have to look hard to find the opposite message, the message that if you stay sober, there is more joy

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Focus on the Danger of Drinking Alcohol or Sobriety as a Positive Choice?

April was Alcohol Awareness Month in the United States. An opportunity to raise awareness about alcohol and alcohol-related harm. But most of the Alcohol Awareness campaign focuses on an abstract 5 to 10 % of people who are considered alcoholics or suffering from an alcohol-use disorder. We still think of alcohol as deadly only to an

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Tuned-In to the Kaleidoscope of Life at 4 Months Sober

Woman as Kaleidioscope Tuned in at 4 months sober

When I was a “life of the party” drinker, I spent a lot of time at bars and house parties. I had a particular fondness for dive bars. The darker and divier the better. I spent all my free time drinking with the same boring people in the same boring places and behaving in the

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