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4 Essential Tools to Staying Sober

New Years Sobriety Tool Box

As I’ve moved through my first year sober, I’ve started to view sobriety as a practice, as an ever-unfolding complex web of daily negotiations, rather than as a binary ON or OFF switch. To me, a sobriety tool kit is not just a list of things we can turn to when times get tough, but

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How to Stay Sober on Election Day and at Other Times of Stress and Crisis

Statue of Liberty with American Flag - How to stayu sober on Election Day

There has never been an election day in the United States like this one. We are as divided as it is possible to be and both sides see catastrophe if the other wins. There is an energy of distrust in the air and the disturbing possibility that determining the winner may be a long, painful

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How Drinking Too Much Alcohol Affects Your Looks

Woman crying How Drinking Too Much Alcohol Effects Your Looks

It’s easy to find articles online about how drinking alcohol affects your looks – Alcohol and Hair Loss: What You Need to Know How to Combat the Effects of Alcohol on Skin, According to an Expert How Does Alcohol Affect Weight Loss? But I think the effects of alcohol on your looks go much deeper

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Falling In Love With the Work of Sobriety as Personal Activism – With Reflections on the Words of John Lewis

Love Falling in Love with Sobriety as personal Activism

John Lewis, long time civil rights activist and career public servant was memorialized yesterday in Atlanta by former United States President Obama, Clinton, and Bush. Former President Jimmy Carter, at age 95, sent a statement that was read aloud. These were the last word that John Lewis shared before his death on July 17. It

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