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The Truth Behind the Statistics for Alcohol Awareness Month

Calculations on Computer Don't get lost in the numbers it's personal alcohol awareness month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month in the United States. Alcohol Awareness Month should be an important event considering current statistics of alcohol-related death, disease, and dependence but statistics can be mind-numbing. When I see the number 95,000 representing annual deaths by alcohol abuse in the United States, it is hard to wrap around the significance

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Finding Empowerment in Demystifying Sober

Winged Victory Demystifying Sober BOOM Community Online support to stop drinking

I struggled with my drinking for years even after it became obvious to me that I had a problem with alcohol because I felt like I had to drink. Alcohol had always been a part of the landscape in my world. Alcoholism was discussed in my family as something that could be in my future

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How to NOT open a Bottle at Wine o’Clock

Did you know that women are more susceptible to alcohol addiction than men? All of the cutesy Wine o’Clock, Mommy’s Juice, memes that pop up on social media stop being so cute when you read that since 2000, among women in particular, high-risk drinking has increased 60 percent while alcohol use disorder or what is traditionally

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Letting go of Denial – Stop Drinking and Stay Sober on Your Terms

Mask in front of Stage Curtain- denial when you stop drinking

When I stopped drinking five years ago, one of the biggest challenges I had to overcome in order to stay sober was breaking down the wall of denial I had built to defend my behavior. Denial that I had slowly built up like a defensive wall over years. I wore the mask of High Functionality

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