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Singing the Siren to Sleep – Community Support to Stop Drinking

Woman with Bottle at Sea- singing the siren to sleep community support to stop drinking

I’ll be 7 years sober in March, and I owe that to something I never imagined I would find myself doing, actively participating in an online community for support to stop drinking. The informal private blogging that we do together has encouraged me to keep track of exactly how I’ve felt along the way. Not

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Blogging Away from “Wine o’Clock” – A Sober Mom “Redefining Me Time”

Woman writing her way sober

I published my first public blog post in March of 2016. I had never intended to blog or had any interest in writing until I stumbled over a website called Hello Sunday Morning while searching blogs to help me stop drinking. You see I was 50 years old, the mother of an 11 and 15-year-old,

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Join the Peaceful Revolution Against the Tyranny of Addiction

Portugal has become well known for its drug decriminalization policy that encourages heroin addicts to seek treatment. Although I have lived in Portugal for almost 28 years I never gave this progressive drug policy much thought until I read Johann Hari’s book Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs

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The Truth Behind the Statistics for Alcohol Awareness Month

Calculations on Computer Don't get lost in the numbers it's personal alcohol awareness month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month in the United States. Alcohol Awareness Month should be an important event considering current statistics of alcohol-related death, disease, and dependence but statistics can be mind-numbing. When I see the number 95,000 representing annual deaths by alcohol abuse in the United States, it is hard to wrap around the significance

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