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Seeing Myself Reflected by the Town Drunk

I live in a very small town, and like all small towns we have a town drunk. He’s a guy who does odd jobs around the village all day, and can be seen staggering drunk at the gas station at closing time. The gas station has a little coffee bar and you can also buy

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Beat the Binge Drinking Routine

When I was 25 I had acupuncture to quit smoking. After the treatment, they taped a tiny mustard seed to my ear and told me to press on it if I had a craving. They also gave me a little bottle of peppermint oil to sniff if I felt foggy brained. The peppermint oil was

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Don’t Slip Away……

This week is the anniversary of my brother’s death. It was 1982, a very long time ago, but my whole perspective on his death changed recently when friends in my on-line community, helped me understand that his death was not a suicide but a drug related accident. It was a quantum shift in my narrative

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How do You Stop Drinking When You Love to Drink?

Tough Love

If you’re trying to stop drinking how do you break the cycle of getting to day three and drinking again? I loved to drink. Giving it up felt like cutting off an arm. I had moments of Bliss, and Hope, and Gratitude, in my early weeks alcohol free, but I also had moments where I

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Walking Away from the Wine o’ Clock Routine

I didn’t understand what an alcohol induced blackout was until I read Sarah Hepola’s book Blackout : Remembering the things I Drank to Forget. Before I stopped drinking I had actually had many blackouts, I just didn’t realize that when I woke up with no memory of going to sleep, and no memory of the

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