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Getting It

the vast majority of people who binge drink are highly functional. It might be the Dr that doesn’t ask you the questions he should about your drinking when he realizes that your symptoms could be alcohol related. It might be the school teacher who is just a little to edgy this morning because they are still ashamed of not remembering going to bed last night after the second bottle of wine.

A few months ago after many years of wondering, goggling, reading, questioning, doubting….I realized that it was me. And even though I really have known that for such a long time doing something about it was the hardest thing that I’ve ever done.

When I was Drinking I was Afraid

I was afraid that I was destroying my health. I was afraid that the whites of my eyes were turning yellow I was afraid that I was an alcoholic I was afraid that I couldn’t stop I was afraid of Sobriety Afraid I’d be dull Afraid I’d lose my friends Afraid I couldn’t do it

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Chose Life this Holiday Weekend

The most powerful “Don’t Drive Drunk” advertisement I’ve seen came from Australia. It was all over facebook about ten years ago and became an international campaign as a result. Once I’d seen this brilliant Australian ad I never again got in the driver’s seat after “a few too many” and it was finally the twelve

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How Much Wine is too Much ?

I’ve often worried that I might someday have to stop Drinking. When I was twenty nine I won a job with an orchestra in Portugal and unexpectedly found myself packing my bags and leaving the United States. The morning after my going away party when I woke up with a dreadful hangover a friend told

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Excusing The Rapist Is As Toxic As Blaming the Victim

It is extraordinary that a jury of twelve unanimously found Brock Turner guilty of three counts of sexual assault. In our culture, where rape is rarely reported or subsequently prosecuted, the likely ordeal of being accused by the defense of provoking their own rape is often more than even the bravest sexual assault victims can

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