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Thought for the Day: Something’s Missing…

As I was driving into work this morning shielding my eyes from the bright morning sun I realized that something is definitely missing in my alcohol-free world view these days. There is a complete lack of drama. There is a clarity and peace that I didn’t used to have.  I thought a bit about how

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Do you Want to Drink or Do you Need to Drink? – Dropping the Denial

When I was deep into my years of drinking heavily most nights and regretting it most mornings, I developed a routine of carefully saying “I’m drinking because I want a drink. I don’t NEED a drink I want one”. I was consciously saying WANT instead of NEED because if I admitted to needing a drink

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We Fight Back Together

The difference between how we perceive alcohol and addiction, and how we perceive addiction to cigarettes is striking. Drinking is glamorized and normalized. As we see it in our culture people drink because that is what people do! People smoke because they are addicted.If someone becomes addicted to alcohol we consider it to be a

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