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How Much Wine is too Much ?

Corks, inspiration for sober

I’ve often worried that I might someday have to stop Drinking. When I was twenty nine I won a job with an orchestra in Portugal and unexpectedly found myself packing my bags and leaving the United States. The morning after my going away party when I woke up with a dreadful hangover a friend told

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Excusing The Rapist Is As Toxic As Blaming the Victim

It is extraordinary that a jury of twelve unanimously found Brock Turner guilty of three counts of sexual assault. In our culture, where rape is rarely reported or subsequently prosecuted, the likely ordeal of being accused by the defense of provoking their own rape is often more than even the bravest sexual assault victims can

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The Genie in the Bottle

At the beginning of my second alcohol free year my skin is glowing, my metabolism has balanced out I can pretty much eat what I want without worrying about my weight. For me the biggest difference however is not how I look but how I feel. At fifty one I feel ten years younger than I did at forty nine. I’m happier, more energized, more genuine and spontaneous. This new completely sober middle aged me is full of creative drive and looking to the future with a zest I haven’t felt since my late twenties.

You Go Girl!

So to the brilliant powerful women of my generation who might be wondering if they’re drinking too much; whether you are urban or rural, educated or not, please think about what you’re being sold. That first glass of wine is certainly lovely but if you find you’re drinking more than that maybe it’s time to rethink the drink. Alcohol is the only drug that people question you for NOT using but you don’t HAVE to drink. Don’t stay trapped because the stigma of not drinking seems worse than the cost of drinking to much.
If you’re drinking too much too often
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Coming Out Sober

I’m a bit over a year sensationally sober and it’s time to come out. Anonymity can be crucial to success for people who try to stop drinking but at some point those of us who have succeeded need to stand up and say proudly Enjoy your drink, I’ll enjoy my Sobriety. I’ve Earned It! One

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