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Why Women Are Dying for a Drink and What We Can Do About It

Women are Dying for a Drink

The first time I was flabbergasted, enraged, disgusted, infuriated, by a toxic alcohol marketing campaign I was three months sober and newly grateful to be finally free of the incessant need to drink my nights away. I stumbled over a website for a wine that was marketed to women and started reading their blog. The

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For Those Struggling to Stop Drinking : Overriding your survival instincts or Walking through the Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

Most of us are addicted to alcohol on some level when we decide to stop drinking. We may not be physically dependent but we are most likely neurologically addicted. Even with weekend binge drinking, it is possible to become neurologically addicted. If you drink routinely at a similar time under similar circumstances, your brain will

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