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  • Shutting Down

    Good Morning All! So we’ve all commented on how our biggest trigger for drinking is the reward thing….. I worked so hard today I deserve a glass of wine, I’m doing so well at not drinking I deserve a glass of wine, I’m such a great self sacrificing mom I deserve a glass of wine…..etc […]

  • Community

    Still Here I’ve been reading a lot (about disease, cure and the role of community) and some things are starting to come together for me. I’ve never been comfortable with using the word alcoholic to describe myself and I’ve never accepted the idea of alcoholism as a disease until now. By all definitions I am […]

  • Beginning of Month Two Sober

    Edgy Edgy Edgy Edgy Edgy Ok ….spending three of my first 4 sober weeks on a work trip to Paris made things really really easy. I’ve been home for a week now and am suddenly crawling out of my skin. So I’ve done all of my Saturday Jobs and now I’m gonna go melt in […]

  • Alcoholic Analogy: Pickles and Cucumbers

    I’m reading Caroline Knapp’s book Drinking -A love story, and some things really clicked today “…… Most alcoholics (not all) sooner or later have to grapple with the idea that they have a disease. Some people drink in wildly alcoholic the first time they ever taste the stuff….But those of us who’ve experienced more gradual […]

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