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Anxiety, Alcohol and Sobriety

woman hiding under covers anxiety alcohol and sobriety

Disclaimer: Many people suffer from anxiety disorders. They are very real, very treatable medical conditions. The intent of this post is not to speak about anxiety in terms of those medical conditions, but rather to speak about it as it relates to my experience with alcohol abuse and sobriety. If you are struggling with anxiety

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Learning to Fall Asleep Sober and Loving Life Alcohol-Free

Sleeping while Reading Learning How To Sleep Alcohol Free

I love sleep. I am in a committed, long-term relationship with my bed, and now that I’m almost 4 months sober, things are going spectacularly well in my relationship with sleep. Back when I was drinking, though, I didn’t spend much time sleeping. I would typically stay up drinking into the wee hours of the

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6 Months Sober – Flying Away from the Drinking Obsession

6 Swans in Flight Representing 6 months sober

I am 6 months sober today. I used to look at people with 6 months of sobriety under their belts and wonder how on EARTH they managed that. I couldn’t even manage 6 DAYS, let alone 6 MONTHS. I was obsessed with drinking. It seemed impossible to live without it. It seemed huge and terrifying

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