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No More Hangovers No More Shame

Waking up with No more Hangovers and no more Shame

She thought how many months and years ago she woke for the final time like that…. the hangover… the shame … How cruel, how harsh they are, she’d thought. A picture, a video, – showing a tormented soul.The person looks like her but she doesn’t recognise them.Her aura is broken, shattered by her liquid friend.Harsh

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The Tough Truth of What Worked for Me

No excuses sign

WARNING-this is not a “touchy feely” post. I sometimes get tired of reading about alcohol. I sometimes get tired of reading the excuses given for ‘giving in’ and drinking again. It’s a crossing over I think. After years of talking about getting sober and staying sober, and supporting and trying to inspire, you talk about

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