I wanted to write a quick post this morning to help our new members find they’re way around and to encourage members who haven’t jumped in yet to do it today! 

BOOM is a relatively new community but we are growing quickly. We are now over 900 members strong and several hundred of those members check in every day and quietly read. The best way to make this Boozemusings thing work for you though is to get into the conversation.

You don’t need to have the answers. We are here to ask questions and tell our stories and figure out who we are and where we want to be today. 

Maybe start by adding your answer to one, or a few,  of the question posts .. you can open them all here  Questions

or jump into these

If you can think of one thing that scares you, or scared you most about sobriety what would it be ? 

What is a goal you have in sobriety that you would have never entertained while drinking?

When you’re ready to post you can open a box here POST  ( we apologize for the “say something amazing” prompt that comes after add title. It’s built into the box) 

This Post from our Public Blog might give you ideas on getting started
Want to stop drinking? Start with a Plan and Share It!

share your thoughts with other members

And this is a terrific post from our old site on commenting. You are welcome to read all the comments, to follow anyone and to comment on any post the interests you. Please give the guidelines a read if you have any questions about protocol  BOOM Community Rules of Conduct

Comments Please?

 This is a wonderful place to come and sort out our relationships with alcohol.  For most of us that involves sorting out a lot of other things in our lives, some of them truly horrendous.

The bravery of some people in being prepared to open up and share their stories is nothing short of amazing.  For most of us it takes effort and some bravery to post anything, no matter how run of the mill it may seem, I know that every single time I post I feel nervous and try to second guess every word and thought to make sure that I am saying what I want to but in a way that will not cause pain or offense to others.

Another trait that most of us share is a feeling of not ‘being enough’ or a lack of self worth, which adds to feeling vulnerable when we post.

So PLEASE, PLEASE take the time to comment on as many posts as you can whenever you visit BOOM.

Every comment has value, it means that the post has been read and thought about, that someone is sharing what you have written.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel you are an expert (after all – an ex is a has been and a spurt is a drip under pressure!! to repeat an old saying). .You don’t have to be, a simple message of support is all that is needed.

But don’t discount your own experience: you wouldn’t be here if you did not know rather too much about drinking and, most likely, trying to stop.  We all have life experience: some good and some bad, all can be helpful to others.

 Don’t worry if you are new, or feel you have not been sober long enough; your voice is just as important as any other here.

To make BOOM the best, most vibrant place it can be to help all of us change our relationship with alcohol we need as many voices participating as possible.  Lots of posts, lots of comments, lots of thoughts and experiences.

This place has added so much to my life and I hope that in some small way my participation adds a little to someone else’s life.

Please join me, and many others in making BOOM the best it can be and helping as many as possible to pull free from the grasping claws of alcohol.

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