Decide. Survive. Then Thrive.

It’s 200 days alcohol free for me. During that time, I have not had a single “slip” or “made a mistake” (in relation to alcohol, I’ve made plenty of other mistakes). 200 days alcohol free is not something that I thought I could do. But I have! The past 200 days have included: An alcohol

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How do You Talk to Your Kids about Alcohol Abuse if You’re Questioning Your Own Drinking?

When my daughter and son learned in third-grade social studies that alcohol was an addictive drug I found myself in the uncomfortable position of trying to explain why I often drank more than I should. Although I’ve always had an open dialogue with my kids about alcohol and drugs I’ve also known that my behavior

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The Good Stuff about Alcoholics Anonymous

Pouring Coffee at AA Meeting

First a disclaimer, my most intense AA grudges are rooted in the trauma of growing up Catholic. Otherwise, I would do what many folks do: Focus on the good of AA and ignore/laugh off the rest, plus add a zing of rebellion. I would refer to myself as “AA Member” and not “Alcoholic” because that’s

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