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Dear Alcohol – Good Bye

Letter Dear Alcohol Good Bye

Good bye alcohol. I see you for what you are. A draining, soul destroying imaginary friend. An energy vampire. A back stabber. So guess what? I’m going to figure out the social thing without you and I’m going find other ways to decompress. I’m stumbling through it but already starting to find other ways and they feel way better. And my new ways don’t come with negative costs to my life.

Who am I and what is next ? – Embracing Empathy in my Third Sober Year

Sun Shining through Tree

I am over 2 1/2 years alcohol-free and I feel frustrated. While living AF is the great new normal for me the question in my third sober year is what is next? I want more. I have gratitude for my sobriety and for everyone who has helped me along the way. I have no desire

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Tales of a High-Functioning Drinker Told to My Newly Sober Self

Woman Typing at Computer Telling Tales of a High-Functioning Alcoholic Told to My Newly Sober Self

Today I’m 100 days sober – WOW!! It’s been 100 days of not calling myself an alcoholic, but rather consciously celebrating being alcohol-free! 100 days of working my sobriety so differently than I expected. 100 days of being courageous and opening myself to new ideas. 100 days of sharing the journey with people like me. People who

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